General Permit Information

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As part of the Borough’s responsibility to oversee and regulate certain activities within the community, permits are required in order to undertake specific actions. Some permits cost vary with the size of the project, while others are set at a fixed fee. The following list is not all-inclusive, but provides examples of the type of permits required in Brookville.

Zoning Permit Application

Building Permit: In 2004, the Brookville Borough elected to option to the provisions of Pa. Act 45 which is the Statewide Uniform Construction Code. All non-residential construction projects are now governed by the International Building Code/2009. All residential construction must now follow the International Residential Code/2009. The National Electrical Code/2008 Edition is now the Electrical Code.

Special conditions must be met if a building permit is sought for a project within the floodplain; floodplain maps are available from the Borough office. A checklist of specific data required for building permits is provided to applicants. The fee for the permit is determined by the cost of the proposed improvement project. Please call the Borough office at 849-5321 before beginning any construction project.